Sona Jobarteh at MSH 2021

We are happy to announce that the main act of our African Night this year on 15 August 2021 at resonanzraum/Hamburg is Sona Jobarteh & Band.

More information coming soon! Below is a YouTube link to one of Soba Jobarteh’s greatest hits: Gambia

Live-Online Workshop: How Sound Design Can Help Tell a Story

“Nobody Needs Music”: In his live-online workshop on the 29th of May 2021, author and lecturer Stephan Eicke will talk about the fine line between music and sound design as well as show clips and exclusive interviews to discuss how sound design can tell a story

Scholarships for MSH 2021

Young film composers, game musicians, sound designers and interested people from all over the world up to the age of 35 years can apply for a scholarship until May 1st. A scholarship includes free participation in all Master Classes, MSH Conference, workshops and special events as well as accommodation and board worth 3.000,00 Euro.

New IFFMA Shop online

The International Film Television & Music Academy (IFFMA), which organizes MediaSoundHamburg annually, has opened a new online shop which sells specialist literature. In the shop, you can purchase books on film music, sound design, directing, script writing, and many more topics.

Young Talent Award 2021

10 years of MediaSoundHamburg: Young musicians, composers, game musicians and sound designers up to 35 years of age are invited to this year’s jubilee to write a birthday piece. The composition in celebration of MediaSoundHamburg’s anniversary in August 2021 will be premiered by the renowned Kaiser Quartet.

Strong Relationship

In the second part of our interview series about directors and their composers, author Stephan Eicke speaks with Ernst Reijseger, a cellist and composer who has worked with director Werner Herzog for 15 years. The first part of our series, an interview with Herzog, was published last month.

MediaSoundHamburg 2021

We are working at full pressure on our new program and we really hope to see you all again in Hamburg in August. The next MediaSoundHamburg will take place from August 10 to 15, 2021.

Strong Relationship

In a new interview series, Stephan Eicke focuses on the relationship between directors and their composers. Prominent filmmakers talk about the creative alliance, the respective composers share their views on the collaboration. The series starts with the German director Werner Herzog, who has been working with the cellist and film composer Ernst Reijseger for over 15 years.


Writer Stephan Eicke writes regularly and exclusively for our blog.

Randy Thom

Randy Thom has conducted the 2019 master class sound design and was for the third time in Hamburg. In the video interview he gives insights into his work.