MSH Conference: Introduction to Audio Implementation. Oliver Getz. June 15th 2022 14-17 H


Wednesday, June 15th 2022, 14 – 17:00 H

Being a talented composer or sound designer means little if nobody can hear your work. This is where FMOD comes in. FMOD allows you to design responsive audio with little to no programming experience. After a short presentation about my organization (GAiN), we will take a deep dive into the audio direction and planning for a game, discuss how middleware interacts with game engines, learn about implementation techniques, and break down an FMOD project for the indie game Sacred Gems. If you are new to audio implementation, this is where to start.

Oliver Getz is the owner of Nordic Scoring, an audio post production company, and a board member/founder of the labor union Game Audio in Norway (GAiN). As a youngling, Oliver started his music journey in rock and metal, before getting a diploma in jazz performance and finally a degree in music technology at Berklee College of Music. In later years, he has conducted a few ensembles, worked as a Unity game developer/designer, and written scores for a handful of indie games.

If you are attending the Introduction to Audio Implementation talk, it’s entirely possible (and recommended) to follow along to maximize your learning outcome. If you wish to do so, please bring a laptop and install the most recent versions of the following software:

You can download associated audio files here. Please note that we won’t be able to stop the talk to help you out, so if you fall behind we recommend that you close your laptop and follow the talk instead. Following along is not necessary to get something out of this talk.

Ticket: 50,00 €
Venue: Studio Kino, Bernstorffstrasse 93, 22767 Hamburg
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