Forum: Psychoacoustics

18/08/2019, 10:00 – 13:00
John Groves

The Power of Sound and Music to control our minds

The use of sound and music in an applied sense, such in films or brand communications, has traditionally been steered by intuition, often relying on one persons auditory memory-bank to supply the triggers for creating the desired specific and universal emotions, associations, and perceptions.

The past years have witnessed an increased development of structured systems which have enabled a more efficient and effective application of sound and music. They are currently being used in areas such as Sound Branding, advertising, Receptive Sound Therapy in the healthcare sector, and others. Located at the cross-roads of science and art, this approach has removed a lot of the guesswork involved with music and sound choices and has enabled the creation and validation of more effective and accurate perceptions, improving the chances of sound achieving the intended outcome. The discipline that observes the way sound is perceived and how it effects us is called Psychoacoustics. By better understanding the influence of sound and music on our minds, we will be able to apply it more effectively.

In this forum we examine the phenomena sound and music from a perceptual perspective and observes its effect on our emotions, our memory, and on our health. It demonstrates how sound is capable of exerting psychological power over our thoughts and on our biochemistry, having a profound neurological effects on the nervous system. We will also observe how sonic impulses and vibrations can synchronize brainwaves for effectively relieving stress, promoting sleep and boosting concentration.

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John Groves is a composer, music producer and consultant and is considered the pioneer of sound branding. He developed a structured system for creating and implementing brand and corporate sound identities, which forms the basis for today’s market standard. Groves created unforgettable melodies for brands like Olympus, Mentos, Bacardi, Mars and Visa.


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