MSH Conference: Nobody Needs Music

Stephan Eicke

In his workshop, Stephan Eicke will examine the relationship between music, silence and sound design in film. Special attention will be paid to the invisible point where all three elements meet. Where does music stop and sound design start? Excerpts and examples from films such as “Come and See”, “Eraserhead” and “The Conversation” show how music and sound design can work together to help tell a story, and how a close collaboration between composer and sound designer can enhance the viewing experience.
Via exclusive interviews with artists such as Walter Murch, this master class highlights how sound design can even replace music to enhance the viewing experience by supplying the emotions and moods necessary. With clips from films such as “Lost Highway,” Eicke’s class will elaborate how sound design can be treated like music and what effect expressive sound design can have.

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Working Language: englisch

Stephan Eicke worked for the only European film music magazine, Cinema Musica, for eight years, four of which as the editor in chief. He has written the music for over 50 radio dramas and advertisements as well as short films. In 2013, he founded the CD label Caldera Records which is specialised on the release of film scores. He has written countless articles, essays, interviews and reviews for several publications. In 2019, his book “The Struggle Behind the Soundtrack – Inside the Discordant New World of Film Scoring” was published by McFarland. He has also given lectures and hosted film music events in Europe. Stephan Eicke is a regular guest at MediaSoundHamburg and has also been a lecturer since 2017.