MasterClass: Film Music Selma Mutal

13/08 – 15/08 2021

10:00am – 05:00pm

Selma Mutal

In her master class, Selma Mutal will discuss the role of music in film. For that purpose, the terminology will be analysed and musical language – such as theme, variation and motif – highlighted. With practical, hands-on examples, Selma Mutal will give the participants useful advice for a successful spotting session, and explain how composers can transform the director’s creative vision into music.
What are the advantages and benefits of temp tracks? How can composers develop and stay true to their own style while sticking to the temp track as suggested by the director and producers?
Furthermore, Selma Mutal will highlight the technical and financial aspects of composing for movies: how can you best synchronize music with a film? What makes for a successful studio mix, and which tools are needed for it?
In this master class, the participants will also learn how important self-promotion and marketing is, and how they can go about it to achieve the success they deserve.

After registration, participants will receive a three-part homework by Selma Mutal which will then be discussed in class to hopefully enhance and further the students’ craft.

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Selma Mutal is a composer for dance, theatre, television and cinema. Born in Peru, she studied in Amsterdam and Paris. Her credits include director Claudia Llosa’s film “The Milk of Sorrow”, “Undertow” by Javier Fuentes-León, as well as Tod Lending’s short film “Vezo” and many more. Lately Selma won the “Best Soundtrack Award” for the TV Mini Series “Lucky Day” at the International Series Festival of Buenos Aires.
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