MSH Conference: Commusication & Sound Branding


10:00am – 01:00pm

John Groves

The workshop is based on John Groves’ book “COMMUSICATION – From Pavlov’s Dog to Sound Branding” and is aimed at composers, musicians, producers and directors. While brands spend large sums on visual branding, sound branding is often neglected. Sound branding can, however, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of brand communication through the sensible use of sound and music. Music can make us laugh and cry – it can remind us of our first kiss as if it were yesterday. A single chord in a film score is enough to tell us that someone is hiding behind the curtain. We can even tell how a person feels by the sound of their voice. The workshop explains how such processes work and how sounds trigger the desired associations in a branding context.

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John Groves is a composer, music producer and consultant and is considered the pioneer of sound branding. He developed a structured system for creating and implementing brand and corporate sound identities, which forms the basis for today’s market standard. Groves created unforgettable melodies for brands like Olympus, Mentos, Bacardi, Mars and Visa.