MSH Conference: Creative Passport – A Powerful New Tool for Artists


07:00pm – 10:00pm

Bea Henkel

The Creative Passport (CP) is a verified digital identity for music makers. It helps to access, update, manage and share information about you and your work. It aims to improve efficiency for payments and administrative tasks for all music makers as well as increase their ability to be discovered for new work, collaborations, and other opportunities. But how does CP work, and can it fulfill its promises?

In this conference Bea Henkel will talk about possible routes to market musicians, authentic branding, as well as the possibilities and features of “The Creative Passport”. Exploring your values and visions will empower you to shape your career path.

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Bea Henkel is author, composer, producer and performer, having worked at Olympic Studios EMI in London. She assisted on recording sessions with Eric Clapton, Nick Cave, The Cure and many others. International collaborations followed, including the psychedelic project The Eye, produced by Martin Youth Glover (The Orb, Sir Paul McCartney, The Verve). Under the mentorship of Kieron Pepper (Prodigy, Radiophonic Workshop, Sleeper), BeArte, her performance project started, using music to connect with one’s emotions. It is atmospheric, conceptual and intuitive audio-visual experience.
Bea has studied Music Industry Practice at Metropolis Studios, as well as Music Industry, Innovation and Enterprise in Brighton. Now she holds lectures on alternative routes to market for artists based on authentical branding and aiming for sustainability.
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