MSH Conference: Film Music Martina Eisenreich & Axel Ranisch


07:00pm – 10:00pm

Martina Eisenreich & Axel Ranisch

Suggestions for film-musical collaboration (german):

In this workshop discussion, composer Martina Eisenreich and director Axel Ranisch show how they collaborate and create initial musical themes for films as early as possible.

  • Main topics: Joint working on conceptual and dramaturgical ideas and finding themes of “absolute” music early, as opposed to later, illustrative-complementary work to picture lock.
  • With examples of joint work from “Familie Lotzmann auf den Barrikaden” (music for 4 double basses, art whistler and vacuum cleaner, Grimme Award 2019) and “Tatort Waldlust” (recorded with the Dt. Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz, German Film Music Award 2018).

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Martina Eisenreich is a German composer, film composer and violinist. She is particularly known for her film music and her stage work. She released countless albums and instrumental concert performances. As a special feature, there are unusual instruments and sound creations which she developed especially for her projects, together with drummer and sound artist Wolfgang Lohmeier. With him and her various ensembles, Martina has been playing around 1500 concerts in European countries. In 2018 Martina Eisenreich was the first woman to be awarded the German Film Music Award in the category Best Music in Film, for her symphonic score on the Tatort “Waldlust” by Axel Ranisch. For her music from Zeit der Wölfe (thriller) and Endlich Witwer (comedy), she received a double nomination for the German TV Awards 2020 – Best Music. Also in 2020, she is the first woman to win BEST MUSIC at the German TV Academy Awards, and among other decorations, she also received the Award of the German Record Critics, the Creole Award of Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the Rolf-Hans Müller Award for Film Music.

Axel Ranisch is a German director, writer, actor and producer. He studied directing at the Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television. For his debut film “Ich fühl mich Disco” Axel received numerous awards, including “Best Narrative Feature Film” and “Best Feature Film Screenplay” at the 13th LA Indie Film Festival Los Angeles. In 2019, he won the Grimme Award in the Fiction category for his film “Familie Lotzmann auf den Barrikaden”.