MSH Conference: Introduction to Surround Sound & Immersive Audio


10:00am – 01:00pm

Leslie Gaston-Bird

From the Symposium on Auditory Perspective to Walt Disney’s Fantasia, surround sound in cinema has gone through many iterations from analog to digital. The transition from stereo to surround sound can be tricky. Having front and rear loudspeakers requires the mixer to understand a few basics of psychoacoustics, but the benefits are exciting. Leslie Gaston-Bird provides an overview of how to mix for formats including 5.1.

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Leslie Gaston-Bird owns the post-production company “Mix Messiah Productions”, as well as acting as Vice President for the Audio Engineering Society . She taught audio production and audio post production for 15 years at the University of Colorado Denver and is a voting member of the Recording Academy for the Grammys. Leslie also wrote the book “Women In Audio“. She currently resides in Brighton, England.
More information: mixmessiahproductions