Music Production Workshop

13/08 – 16/08/2020, 10:00 – 17:00
From Microphone to Finished Mix
Made Indrayana, Special Guest: Siti & The Band

In this workshop, the participants get insights about producing a record with the exciting band Siti & The Band from Zanzibar/Tansania. Some of the highlights at the beginning of the workshop are nuts-and-bolts microphone technology (including shootouts of the most famous studio microphones), room acoustics, the interdependencies of instrument, room and microphone, and setting up the microphones and mixing board including outboard effects in the recording process to support the musical goals of the band or the producer. The participants will then dive deeper into the world of effective usage from EQs, compressors, and other effects in the mixing process to sculpt the music into a professional and groovy product, mixing either in the old school analogue studio, or on the modern digital production console, or software based “in the box”. Finally, you will get a glimpse into the ‘dark arts’ of mastering, which is misunderstood very often in modern times. The workshop is suitable for musicians, composers, producers, even sound engineers who wish to gain more experience in the field.

Tuition Fee: 800 € (incl. 19 % VAT)
Student Discount: 20 %
Working Language: english
Location: Sound Lab of Hamburg University of Applied Science (HAW), Finkenau 35, 22081 Hamburg
Organizer: International Film Television & Music Academy (IFFMA) in cooperation with Hamburg University of Applied Science (HAW) and MediaSoundHamburg (MSH)

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Made Indrayana began at the early age of seven, when he started recording his favourite anime show’s song from his family’s television to his tape recorder. His eagerness to experiment and to try something new led him to learn many different musical instruments, and enroll in the Conservatory of Music Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH), Indonesia, studying Sound Design and Music Production in 2008. Afterwards he worked for the university as an assistant lecturer. In 2015, Indra moved to Germany to pursue a Master’s Degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg (HAW), enrolling in the Master of Arts program, “Time-Dependent Media”. Here he expanded his skills working on projects with the Landesjugendjazzorchester (Youth Jazz Orchestra) Landesjugendorchester (Youth Orchestra) of the State of Hamburg, among others, and cooperating with the University of Music and Theater (HfMT) Hamburg. He has also participated in various film projects, among others through cooperations with the Hamburg University of Arts (HfBK) film school. He won the Silver Award in the Recording Competition at the 140th Audio Engineering Society (AES) Convention in Paris. At the same convention, he also volunteered in the Technical Team, working directly under the legendary Michael Williams and Glenn Lorbecki at the Professional Sound Exhibition (PSE) Stage. He later returned to volunteer at the 142th AES Convention Berlin, taking the same role. Active in many audio organisations, he was Chair of the AES Hamburg Student Section in 2016 until 2017, and he has been a leading organizer for three klingt gut! international conferences on sonic art and audio technology in Hamburg. Right now, he is dedicating himself in (immersive) audio for virtual reality and games with a new startup Double Shot Audio, which he founded together with his business partner Benjamin Gallagher, and he is lecturer in Music Production at Hamburg Unversity of Applied Sciences.


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