WOMEN IN AUDIO DAY: Keynotes, Lectures, Networking, Panel

Thursday, June 16th, 10 am to 10 pm

The MediaSoundHamburg WOMEN IN AUDIO DAY creates a space to bring together organizations that advocate for gender equality in the music industry, especially film music, game music and sound design. During the conference, they can connect, learn from each other and inspire each other. The focus is on Film Music, Game Music and Sound Design. We want this to be an uplifting and inspiring experience for all participants, showcasing all the amazing work that women are already doing in the industry.


10-12 H: Intro & Welcome

Inspiring short presentations by female sound engineers, sound designers and composers

12-13 H: Joint lunch break

13-14.30 H: Lecture I – Intro to Foley (Johanna Roth, Filmtonfrauen)

Johanna Roth, Filmtonfrauen: Intro to Foley

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The profession of the Foley Artist will be presented by the self-employed sound designer Johanna Roth in this lecture. You will get an exciting insight into the techniques, methods and props as well as behind the scenes of film sound. The lecture is aimed at sound designers and anyone who works in the field of audio and is interested in diving into the world of sound.

14.30-15 H: Coffee break

15-17 H: Lecture II – Best practices for a more diverse culture and society (Mirca Lotz, Safe the Dance)

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Women and gender minorities, and marginalized people in general, are still disadvantaged in the music industry due to structural issues. #metoo and #blm show how many issues still need to be addressed to create intersectional justice. This talk will provide an overview of best practices in gender equality and diversity from around the world. It aims to inspire and show industry players – regardless of their position of power or available resources – how they can effect change.

17-19 H: Abendessen

19 H: Women in Audio Panel

What is the current situation in the audio industry? This is the question we will be addressing in this panel discussion. We will take a look at the development of the last few years

… and of course we also want to look into the future!

The participants are: SITI AMINA, Musician, Zanzibar / Tanzania, ANNETTE GENTZ, Music Manager, Germany, SUE HARDING, Foley Artist, United Kingdom, HAYAT SELIM, Screen Composer, Egypt. Moderation: ATLANTA INA BEYER, cultural scholar, author and journalist.

Ticket: 90,00 €
Venue: Studio Kino, Bernstorffstrasse 93, 22767 Hamburg
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We guarantee:
In case of unforeseeable events in connection with the Corona pandemic, which make participation or
a trip to / stay in Hamburg impossible, we will of course refund the fees already paid.