Workshop: Machine Intelligence for Music & Sound

16/06/2018, 10:00 –16:00
Than van Nispen tot Pannerden

In an age of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence our domain of (media) music, sound and sonic creativity get more and more in the news. With Sony releasing ‘World’s 1st AI music album, called Hello World and with music written by an AI. Universal Music announcing it will use AI for soundtrack generation and AIVA being the first virtual artist recognised by SACEM (an author’s rights society). There is a lot to discuss in the field of music and sound in the (near) future. In this all-day workshop we’ll cover some state-of-the-art Machine intelligence in the context of music, sound, media and performances, will have some hands-on experience with readily available AI-tools and will learn about historical and recent AI-activities and -developments for music, sound and media.

In this workshop you will have a little bit of time to start working on a short project with AI.

The participants will be asked to bring their own laptop and to have certain application pre-installed like Wekinator by Rebecca Fiebrink. Participants are invited to bring a webcam and/or other device to use as an input, this can also be a midi-controller, microphone, or any of the items on this list for the AI
No coding skills are required to follow this workshop

Tuition Fee: 150 € (incl. 19 % VAT) or
Flaterate: 1800 € (incl.19 % VAT)
for any of master classes, workshops, forums and special events
Student Discount
: 20%
Language: englisch
Location: Elsa Brändström Haus, Hamburg-Blankenese

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Than van Nispen tot Pannerden is a Dutch composer for media music and describes himself as an interactive music strategist. He is member of the board of the Music Institute for MultiMedia MiMM and co-founder of the platform DutchGameMusic. Than van Nispen tot Pannerden is also President of our this year composition competition YOUNG TALENT AWARD MEDIA MUSIC.

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